Emotional Design Book Cover Emotional Design
Donald A. Norman
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Donald A. Norman is a cognitive scientist and cofounder of the Nielsen Norman Group, an executive consulting firm that helps companies produce human-centered products and services. He is professor of computer science at Northwestern and has served as vice president of Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group. His many books include The Design of Everyday Things, Things That Make Us Smart and The Invisible Computer. He lives in Northbrook, Illinois. Did you ever wonder why cheap wine tastes better in fancy glasses? Why sales of Macintosh computers soared when Apple introduced the colorful iMac? New research on emotion and cognition has shown that attractive things really do work better, as Donald Norman amply demonstrates in this fascinating book. In The Design of Everyday Things, Norman showed why the products we use should not be confusing, irritating, and frustrating. Emotional Design explains why they must also be attractive, pleasurable, and fun. By the author of "The Design of Everyday Things," this is the first book to make the connection between emotions and how people relate to ordinary objects--from juicers to Jaguars.