Omegamon from Candle Corporation

Our first product – Omegamon.


Omegamon was Candle’s first software product. It’s purpose was to help data center technicians at large Fortune 500 size companies monitor and analyze a new IBM Mainframe operating system called MVS. This new MVS operating system marked a transition period for companies from batch to online computer processing (for airline reservations, claims processing, financial services, etc). As such companies needed a real time way to monitor real time problems that could affect thousands of employees around the world that might be using the corporate computer system.

The Name Omegamon. ¬†Early software programs at that time were called variations of “mon” (sirmon, apemon) for “monitor”. I wanted to create the “last word in monitoring” and used “Omega” as the last letter of the Greek alphabet to create “Omegamon”. Although I didn’t understand the definition of branding at that time, I wanted a product name that was both mysterious and exotic and Omegamon also help to serve those aspirations.