Aubrey Chernick – Photography

Aubrey Chernick has been interested in photography for many years. While he was attending the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg,  he earned money as a part time photographer. Using a Pentax camera with screw mounted lenses, he would take portraits of families and their children. He then moved on to the Nikon camera line and really enjoyed the speed and ease of use with bayonet mounted lenses.

Candle History – by Aubrey Chernick

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Arc De Triomphe – Paris, France

If you have travelled to Paris, you probably have seen the iconic landmark – the Arc De Triomphe. But have you really look at the very top of the structure to examine the rich figures? In these pics, I used a Canon 1DS Mark IV with a 28-300mm lens. I took many individual horizontal images of the top of the Arc De Triomphe and then stitched them together in photoshop.

Arc De Triomphe - by Aubrey Chernick - 2011

Arc De Triomphe – by Aubrey Chernick – 2011


We visited Russia for the first time in the spring of 2012. It was an amazing trip. Like many first time tourists, we primarily visited Moscow and St. Petersberg and the many palaces and galleries in those locations.

Tretyakov Gallery – Moscow

Tretyakov Gallery_0535 S

Catherine Palace – St. Petersberg –