Aubrey Chernick – Philanthropy and Community

Supporting Education and the Arts has been a passion for Joyce and Aubrey Chernick

Education and the arts are two essential pillars of our society. Both have been key foundations for our Western Civilization for thousands of years. That is why it is crucial to support these institutions today. Education is a fundamental building block that enables youth around the world, to better educate and inform themselves for life. Through elementary and high school and college – student develop key skills. They develop critical thinking and analysis skills. They become informed of world history and world events.

The arts has been the building block for society. A way to express both individual and social views – about our world of music, literature, social, entertainment and even political points of view.

 The Hobart Shakespeareans - supported by Joyce and Aubrey Chernick

Support for the education of our youth has long been an interest of Joyce and Aubrey Chernick.

Projects I have been involved with include:


The arts are a personal passion of mine. The organizations I support include: